About Us

The story begins with a desire to attempt to have a clean car. After watching hundred of hours on YouTube on car detailing, polishing, ceramic coating, etc..., you realize there are several methods and a million products to use. At first I was confused and excited. I did not know where to start or what tools were needed. I used products in which were popular at the time, but not the "best". I slowly began to learn the fine details of detailing and transition into polishing. This was a huge step and initially a fear for me. The first thing that crosses your mind is, "What if I burn through the paint?". After over 20 initial cars you learn that the process is based on a simple principle: What is the best result while preserving the clearcoat and focusing on longevity. The next phase was ceramic coating. Now this to me was a bigger fear than polishing itself. Once you apply you will realize that its easier than applying wax. Several years later now, here we are. Doing what started as a hobby to now having the opportunity to distribute brands that have helped me continue to grow. 

We keep it Detailed AF here and those vendors/manufacturer on this page reflect the products and tools I use. I am thankful for the local detailing community along with many friends I have met and continue to work with on social media. Because of you all, I am here. Below are images of good friends, good times, and a group working to keep their own vehicles and their customers vehicles Detailed AF

Thank you,
Adrian Ferreira

 P.S. Keep it Detailed AF


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