Collection: Phoenix EOD

The Phoenix

No one is exactly sure where the original mythos of the Phoenix started – Was it Egyptian? Was it Grecian? The Phoenix may even be older than both of those cultures, possibly from some forgotten and lost civilization in the Middle East. But regardless of where it started, all scholars will agree that The Phoenix is an immortal, magnificent creature that is a symbol of renewal and rebirth. Phoenix E.O.D. is just that for us. This company was formed around the idea of renewal and rebirth, and for some of us, we truly have risen from the ashes. (Don’t believe me? check out @majtrainwreck on Instagram and get back to me).

The E.O.D.

But what about the “E.O.D.”? What does that mean? E.O.D. stands for “Evolve Or Die”. If you’ve been around us long enough, you’ve heard that phrase a thousand times. The journey to get here has been long and arduous. All along the way, throughout any adversity, we’ve had to adapt (or evolve) to overcome.